Elaine is someone you can trust.”

Elaine is incredibly energetic and creative. It’s inspiring just to talk to her, much less collaborate with her. After working on projects with Elaine, I always feel I’ve learned something and that she’s made me a better professional. And finally (and this is something very hard to find in the PR world) Elaine is someone you can trust. If she says she is going to do it, she does it... period. I think a lot of that attitude goes to her experience in the industry, working for best in class brands like Apple and not wanting to let anyone down. She honors her work and her word. Elaine is special. She’s someone you want in your corner.

Steve Averill, founder, Averill Media


Empowered PR stands as one of the best in the industry.

“Elaine was an integral point in developing and maintaining our presence within the eyes of the press and media. I had the honor of working with Elaine and to observe her professionalism, attentiveness to detail and efficient approach in balancing and delivering our relations to both the media and corporate world. Confident in her approach, well versed in her abilities, Elaine and Empowered PR stands as one of the best in the industry.”

— Tihn Ngo, director of marketing, Viking Technology

“She knows public relations and social media.”

“I just wanted to take a moment to recommend Elaine without reservation! Speak to her for just a little while and you’ll quickly sense that she KNOWS PUBLIC RELATIONS AND SOCIAL MEDIA! I’ve heard many people in the short time I’ve known Elaine speak very highly of her. These people are all business owners and carry a high amount of respect in their specific arenas. Bottom line, hire Elaine and her firm… you’ll be happy you did! ”

— Brian Allen, CEO of Expert 5, LLC

I confidently recommend Empowered PR to represent any organization or any size.”

“Elaine is an awesome Public Relations professional. I worked with Elaine at a time when we were releasing multiple new products every quarter while rapidly growing our market share. Much of that success can be attributed directly to Elaine and the team she managed. Her press relationships and industry knowledge combined allowed SimpleTech to get our products into the hands of some of the most influential analysts and technical journalists from all over the world. I confidently recommend Empowered PR to represent any organization of any size.”

— Charles Hayes, marketing manager, SimpleTech