Strategic Messaging. Be aware of building awareness. Your messaging communicates who you are and where you stand in the marketplace. Empowered PR helps define (or refine) your messages’ overall positioning and ensures that they remain clear, consistent, and concentrated as the buzz grows.

Media Relations & Social Engagement. Influence the influencers. With connections in every arena, chances are that Empowered PR has contacts in the heart of your specific industry. The result is that your buzz goes straight out to the journalists, spokespersons, and new media professionals that matter most to your brand. Empowered PR leverages traditional media relations services with cutting-edge social media avenues to get the news to the most relevant journalist in the most appropriate way (which changes all the time!)

Press Releases & Pitches. Write a note that gets noticed. By identifying the most compelling concepts about a product, service, or event in a matter of minutes, Empowered PR turns small details into big deals…and lots of buzz. Concise, informative news releases are carefully crafted to break through the “so what?” wasteland.

News Bureau. Get your news in the news. Empowered PR stays on top of industry trends and editorial calendars so that you get noticed where and when it matters most. Timing pitches carefully increases coverage in key publications and bolsters the buzz overall.

Writing Services. Get the word out with words. Just because you know your product better than anyone else, doesn’t necessarily mean you can write about it. That’s okay. Empowered PR pens persuasive by-lined articles and buzz-worthy blog posts that capture not only the facts, but the reader’s interest, as well.